Part of the festival this year was ‘Light Trail’, an event that saw several of the towns landmarks illuminated, with the display commencing at 4pm every afternoon for the duration of the festival.

One of these illuminations took place at Huddersfield’s Media Centre with the help of a Green Hippo Hippotizer media server and PixelRange PixeLine fixtures.

The building has a unique aluminium clad structure within the outer wall. This was a great opportunity to bring the building to life and highlight the modern architecture.

We used 84 x JTE 1044 PixeLine batons from PixelRange with 14 units on each of the building’s six levels. Placing the batons within the gantries of the building hid the fixtures from view while focusing them towards the inside allowed the light to bounce of the building’s inner aluminium walls, creating a much softer image with the fixtures high intensity colour LEDs.

Pre-programming for the event was done using the PixelMapper component on a Green Hippo HippoCritter.

For the actual event the content and presets were transferred across to a Hippotizer HD. The content was based on Hippotizer stock content which was manipulated and edited to fit the building PixelMap using the on board effects engines, thus creating a range of different looks that ran across the building.
The project employed a total of 4536 DMX channels and several Luminex Gigaswitches and Luminex Ethernet to DMX boxes to convert the ArtNet signal into DMX.


23rd April 2015
TG Events Ltd