Colour and imagination graced the familiar landmark of the Halifax Transmitting Tower in a special one night light installation “Ploughcroft Eco Northern Lights”, which illuminated the 45.7 metre (150 foot) relay mast located on the top of Southowram bank, overlooking the Yorkshire, UK, town of Halifax.

The project was commissioned to help local roofing company Ploughcroft celebrate achievements in energy saving for numerous homes, schools and businesses across Yorkshire.
The tower, owned by Arqiva, is a broadcast and communication facility receiving TV and radio transmission signals from Emley Moor Tower and beaming these to areas in the north, east and center of the town of Halifax which are blocked by the hill on which the tower resides. It also accommodates 3G and 4G cellular generators for several mobile networks.

Once commissioned for the project, we created a concept and wanted a strong eco-angle on the lighting – as they were celebrating power saving – and we chose primarily LED fixtures with SGM G-Spots and P-5 floods.

We were able to get access right at the base of the tower to position equipment, so one G-Spot was installed directly underneath the tower in the centre shooting its beam right up to the top. As it pierced the metal cross-bracing, the reflections bounced and refracted creating attractive aberrations of the light.

Three sides of the tower were clearly visible from the various viewing areas in the city, so each of these was up-lit with a single G-Spot. These were programmed with gobo sequences to add texturing and effects on its metalwork construction and the subtle but highly effective results made the cross bracing supports look like they were actually moving.

For an overall wash, four P-5 LED floods, fitted with 15 degree lenses so the output could be focused right up to the top of the tower, were also located around the base. A further six P5 units with 21 degree lenses were utilized to light the bottom two thirds of the tower, ensuring a good, even saturated light.

All the fixtures were individually controlled via an Avolites Tiger Touch II console and were mixed into a series of stunning looks. A signature look of green hues mimicked Ploughcroft’s corporate ID and formed the main look, with other colour and gobo combinations run at specific intervals throughout the evening to add interest.


1st May 2015
Ploughcroft Ltd
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